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Bedouin STAR

Palm Beach Vacation    

Red Sea     Nuweiba    Sinai  Egypt

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Bedouin Star Movie

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                                                            Bedouin Star

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Beach Blog Bedouin Star

Your bungalow surrounded by flowers and trees 1452129_547125228707399_1438640970_n

 We have created a little paradise at our beach

7 bungalows just a few meters from the Red Sea.

We do our best to give you an amazing vacation

        "you are welcome

       Bedouin Star team


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Our beach bungalow just a

few meter from the Red Sea


Red Sea desert tour

"the laguna"

Coral Beach Bedouin Star Nuweiba Sinai Egypt

Just in front of our beach

an amazing coral reef

Beach photos

Bedouinstar beach bungalow Beach Bedouin Star Nuweiba Sinai Egypt Red jpg

Enjoy year around

nice weather, cool breeze

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