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Our beach and what is happening

Our Coral reef and its beauty, a great place to snorkel

By Bedouin Star, Mar 23 2014 02:54PM

March 2014, Blog Bedouin Star

Can you imagine the secrets hidden just below the surface of the Red Sea or Aqaba sea as the sea is called.

Often I am just watching the sea, as during the day you can see fishes jumping up, you might see a turtle showing his face or even beter watching dolphins passing by

Fishes jumping up the water
Fishes jumping up the water

From the surface we do not see all the water life happening but we can tell you it is busy in the sea.

Wild dolphins passing by the beach
Wild dolphins passing by the beach

Once in the water with snorkel glasses a new world is opening, from Coral to the most amazing fishes and other animals will just pass by

Amazing Coral just in front of our beach
Amazing Coral just in front of our beach

Bring your bathing suite and your Snorkel gear and come explore the secrets of the Red Sea

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Mar 23 2014 07:00PM by Eileen

Lovely photos thank you

Mar 23 2014 07:07PM by Bedouin Star

Thank you Eileen for your compliment, Marhabba- you are most Welcome

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