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Delicious Bedouin food, Fish - Chicken or Vegetarian

By Bedouin Star, Apr 20 2014 12:46PM

April 2014, Beach Blog Bedouin Star

Do you join us for dinner at the beach?

When we feel like eating amazing food we love to make fish or chicken with lots of vegetables in silver (tinfoil) at the barbeque :)

Here is how we make it :)

Bedouin Fish / Vegetables cooked in Silver
Bedouin Fish / Vegetables cooked in Silver

First we add on the tinfoil lots of fresh vegetables, you never have enough :)

We love vegetables so add as many as possible
We love vegetables so add as many as possible

If you like your dinner to be vegetarian you can prepare your dish just like this, which is also a nice dish if you are not a vegetarian :)

Anyway, we bought a fresh big fish from a fisherman who just came from the sea and we added the fish on top of the vegetables. (dont forget to clean the fish and to add lots of spices and onion, tomatos insided.

Of course you can add also nice small fishes, depending on how many people join you for dinner

or chicken, this also taste delicious.

Fresh catched fish, cleaned and stuffed with vegies inside
Fresh catched fish, cleaned and stuffed with vegies inside

Now you take another big piece of tinfoil on top of the dish, make sure you close the sides very good, that no heat can come out.

The package you put now on the bbq

Make sure the tinfoil is closed and no heat can escape
Make sure the tinfoil is closed and no heat can escape

Now we wait about 45 minutes, after 30 minutes you can make small holes with a knife in the foil.

Lets star our dinner
Lets star our dinner

The best is to eat it from the foil, :) as there is a lot of soup inside as well.

Let us know if you have eaten this dish before or if you are making it at home, we are very curious if you like it as much as we do :)

Enjoy the food

Goodmorning Nuweiba :)

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Kind regards,

Bedouin Star

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Apr 20 2014 01:32PM by Sue

That looks delicious

Apr 20 2014 01:36PM by Patricia

:) thank you Sue, I can tell you it taste better than it looks :) :)
Marhabba you are most welcome :)

Jun 21 2014 03:54PM by Yolanda

I had a meal like this in the mountains outside Dahab, but with mutton, I can truely say, it was DELICIOUS!Look forward to join you for a few days in December

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