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Beautiful Ain Khudra Oasis, Must seen place

By Bedouin Star, Jun 15 2014 08:37AM

June 2014, Beach Blog Bedouin Star

One of my favourite places to visit, Ain Khudra a must see Oasis

After a trip through the beautiful Sinai desert you will be amazed to see Ain Khudra Oasis appearing.

Like in the movies, you first can not believe your eyes.

Palmtrees and green just in the desert.

Ain Khudra Oasis
Ain Khudra Oasis

Happy Camels after lots of rain in winter 2014
Happy Camels after lots of rain in winter 2014

Before we reach Ain Khudra there is a big change to come across camels, how many do you see here?

You are welcome to let us know in a comment :) (this will also promote the Ain Khudra, Shokran / Thank you :)

This year May 2014 we were happy to see so much food for the camels, we had a rainy winter :)

Amazing Oasis Ain Khudra
Amazing Oasis Ain Khudra

Arriving at the Oasis it is just unbelievable all this green against the yellow mountains.

Desert bathing, the best cold water you ever felt
Desert bathing, the best cold water you ever felt

Beside the beautiful palmtrees, the amazing views you will find here also a bath....

yes you read it correct, a bath

The bath is filled with water from the well, and I promisse you the water will be cold but so refreshing

Marhabba / You are welcome in Ain Khudra Oasis

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Kind regards,

Bedouin Star

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Jul 3 2014 04:14PM by Smithd915

I think you have noted some very interesting points , appreciate it for the post. fdeebfbfdfdfabed

Jul 5 2014 08:26AM by negma1

:) Thank you for your nice comments, Ain Khudra will be very happy to say Welcome to you :) if you have any questions about Ain Khudra I will be happy to help you. You can write them to

Jul 7 2014 05:21AM by Pharmf26

Very nice site!

Jul 8 2014 07:49AM by negma1

:) Thank you so much for your nice comment Pharm :) did you have a look at our You tube we have posted a video about Ain Khudra :) this is the link

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