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Our beach and what is happening

By Bedouin Star, Jul 21 2017 12:22PM

After a few days of relaxing and enjoying the beach you might wonder what can be found in the mountains so close by

Mountain view from Bedouin Star beach
Mountain view from Bedouin Star beach

The secret of the mountains open up when you ask at the office desk, while sipping a tea the stories come.

There are so many amazing places to visit from a half day safari untill 2 weeks safari

In this post we show you Wadi Wish Wasi,

Wadi Wish Washi

This pool is actually in the back yard of Bedouin Star Beach resort, and is a beautiful half day safari

You will be taken by jeep to an entrance in the mountain, from where you will walk about half an hour. A beautiful easy walk, in which you will forget the time, especially the first part is amazing, between colorfull mountains.

Here you will see lots of mountains and you will wonder where and how is it possible to have a pool here in the middle of the desert mountains

A small trail will lead you to Wadi Wish Wasi, a miracle of nature.

Feeling small of the steep mountains which surround the pool

Wadi Wish Wasi surrounded by steep mountains
Wadi Wish Wasi surrounded by steep mountains

Dont forget to bring your bathing suite, many people take a swim in the fresh water.

This place is visited by many in a half day safari, but nearby there are other amazing places to visit and you might even like to stay over in the night. We will talk about this in a next blog

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Greetings from Bedouin Star beach resort

By Bedouin Star, Aug 1 2014 01:21PM

August 2014, Beach Blog Bedouin Star

As most of you know us a little bit, we love our beach garden en especially the flowers

Did we show you our flowers already :)

Can you tell me the name of this flower?
Can you tell me the name of this flower?

This is another flower of which I would love to know the name, she is doing very good at the beach and she has these yellow flowers every few days another.

By Bedouin Star, Jun 15 2014 08:37AM

June 2014, Beach Blog Bedouin Star

One of my favourite places to visit, Ain Khudra a must see Oasis

After a trip through the beautiful Sinai desert you will be amazed to see Ain Khudra Oasis appearing.

Like in the movies, you first can not believe your eyes.

Palmtrees and green just in the desert.

Ain Khudra Oasis
Ain Khudra Oasis

By Bedouin Star, Mar 16 2014 10:35AM

March 2014, Beach Blog Bedouin Star

When you explore the Sinai desert the feeling at the moment of being in the desert is something beautiful.

But what strikes you most is that when you come home after your holiday, the feeling that want to go back to the desert, you miss it to much.

Sand, Mountains small trees in the Sinai desert
Sand, Mountains small trees in the Sinai desert
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